Monday, January 24, 2011


I have to say one thing: it has been difficult.

To be rather honest this website of mine: plug has been taking up so much of my time. I really would like to make it a 9-5 thing, it is no doubt that i should. I have so much product coming in to review that it is unreal. In an average week i get in 4-5 new review material, and i am pushing out 2 reviews every other day.

I have to admit though, it does look good on the internet, and i am happy i have the opportunity to do this, but man does it take determination.

I worry that it is taking me away from my studies at school though. It is not like i cannot re-take a class if i fail, but failure is not a good option. I want to be a Game Designer but what i want more than anything is to be a Level Designer. It has been about a month since i last touched a level editing software (outside of a review) and that scares me. I have countless books and resources to follow but i still am just lost. I wish i had the focus to actually sit down and read the book, outside of a review.

I need to get back into XNA 4.0 and Unity, UDK and Hammer. I keep asking myself though: where is my drive? I had so much passion for designing a game, now it is just not there... someone have any words of encouragement?