Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So i thought i would get this running again. I mean it has been since 2008 since i last used it.

I have been doing a lot since the last post, working with new 3d modeling programs, starting to get a better understanding of what makes a game world so great. I have looked deep into some of my favorite games that i have played throughout the years, broken them down to the core.

Everyday i talk to hundreds of different gamers online, each of them always say different things about what makes a level good. However, they all say the same things about what makes a level bad: complexity. If a level has too many building to enter and exit, or it has too many objective scattered around a great area; it gets too boring. Who wants to be running around in circles looking for your objective when you could be running around in circles firing your weapon trying to kill something?

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