Monday, May 16, 2011


So it has been a VERY long time since I last posted ANYTHING on Blogger, so I figured I should more than likely get on that.

Things have been going pretty meh as of late, I seem to be in this deep creative funk when it comes to what seems to be everything. Seriously I have been trying to sit here and design new levels, but damnit I cannot for the life of me think of anything. I used to be able to sit there and say to myself: this is what a player wants, this is what I (as a player) would like to see. Since I had no way of having someone demo my levels, or critique them, I left them be. I did occasionally go back and adjust them on a regular basis with new ideas.

Lately though, it seems things have been getting worse. I sat there for roughly 2 weeks trying to re-design Halo's best single-player level "Assault on the Control Room". Well I did get pretty far into it, then I hit a huge brick wall. I admit that I am not as advanced as my counterparts when it comes to this, but I just could not get the proportion that Bungie had established. Everything was off, maybe I am being way too picky when it came down to it I am not sure. My objective was to ONLY USE what was within Unreal Development Kit including: lighting, materials, textures, static meshes and the like. I know how to use 3Ds Max and Maya for meshes, but I wanted to stay true to the beauty that is the Unreal Engine. I am not saying that Bungie did not create a beautiful game, but let's face it; UDK is a beast.

On a side note, I recently have had the chance to get to know (on a personal level) some of the great personalities in the gaming industry. I got the chance to game with some of the Designers of Treyarch, and in the process met up with some guys from Volition Inc in the same game. Which was odd, since I was not expecting to see any more industry professionals while playing with other professionals. It was great though, I got to pick the brain of some really....really... um... fascinating people.

I have been trying to Network as well, but sometimes it is rather difficult to strike up a conversation with those that you do not know very well. Although, with some it is easier as they are actually interested in you lol.

I will post again in a couple days. See ya

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